Commutations I (2012)


Commutations is an ongoing series of video and print works that explores the body in transit, the cityscape, the transport system and our behaviours when commuting, more particularly, our ability to notice beauty in the mundane. Horak transforms her own nondescript journeys using novel filming techniques and invites the viewer to appreciate both the dreamlike quality of the landscape, whilst also realising at times how these illusions are created. For the soundtrack, computer vision analysis and line detection systems take data from each video and trigger composed sounds mixed with parts of each videos native sound. Commutations I is designed to be presented across three screens as the video above demonstrates. The individual videos can be viewed below.

OpenCV, Python, PureData, iPhone camera, Yamaha QY70, Mega Distort and Delay, Singing Bowl
Technical collaborator on Python: Patrick Tresset

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