9 Jan, Solo:Duo:Trio, Cafe Oto, w Iris Garrelfs and Lucia Chung, voice + electronics

28 Nov, ACUD Macht Neu, Berlin, Duo w Renick Bell, voice + electronics
23 Nov, Fortran, R10, Leicester, voice + electronics
18 Oct, Carlton Club, Manchester, voice + electronics
10 Oct, The Peer Hat, Manchester, voice + electronics
4 Aug, SUPERNORMAL FESTIVAL, Braziers Park, voice + electronics
15 Jun, The Oram Awards, King’s Place, London, Award winner
2 May, I Hear The Fire, Sparkle+Dark, Bunker, London, live sound for theatre
12 Jan, Brak, WaterIntoBeer, London, w Colin Webster, voice + electronics

17 Nov, DigitalVoice, Iklectik, London, voice + electronics
10 Oct, The Glove that Fits, London, voice + electronics
23 Sep, MATINEE, Cafe OTO, w Phil Maguire, voice + electronics
19 Aug, Liminality|Cacophony, Gallery 46, London, voice + electronics
16 Aug, TWEAK, PaperDressVintage, London, voice + electronics
31 Jul, Nonclassical curated by Tom Richards, Victoria, London, voice + electronics
25 Jul, Solo:Duo:Trio w Colin Webster, Cafe OTO Proj Space, London, voice + electronics
14 Jul, Corpora Aliena with Liz Helman, Iklectik, London, voice + electronics
29 Jun, Cornelius Cardew score, R10, Leicester, voice + electronics + score
16 Jun, Truth + Lies, HundredYearsGallery, London, voice + electronics
27 May, The Devil Has a Hold on the Land, Bones+Pearl, London, voice + electronics
25 May, Fortran, R10, Leicester, voice + electronics
5-6 May, VOGELKLANG Festival, Black Forest, Germany, Birdsong Choir Workshop
18-22 Apr, Sonorities Festival, Queens Uni Belfast, Invited Artist, various performances
22 Mar, Soho Radio live, London, voice + electronics
23 Feb, Body Beautiful, DMU, Leicester, voice + electronics + poetry
19 Jan, Anerki, The Gate, Leicester, voice + electronics + visuals

26 Nov, Trio w Steve Beresford + Gino Robair, Iklectik, London, voice + electronics
11 Nov, 100 Murmurists, St Margaret’s Church, Manchester, voice + electronics
4 Nov, Concert at Private Residence, Glastonbury, voice + electronics
21 Oct, Kunstverein Letschebach, Karlsruhe, Germany, voice + electronics
20 Oct, GENERATE! Festival, Tuebingen, Germany, voice + electronics
19 Oct, Transcending Musical Boundaries, Westminster University, Guest Lecture
27 Aug, Duo w Renick Bell, Cafe Oto, London, modular voice
26 Aug, Myoptik Art Sound Ceremony w Renick Bell, LCB, Leicester, voice + electronics
24 Aug, Algorave, Duo w Renick Bell, Flying Duck, Glasgow, modular voice
19 Aug, dTub launch, New River Studios, London, voice + electronics
5 Jul, Sonic Waterloo w Steve Beresford+Gino Robair, Iklectik, London, voice+electronics
3-9 Jul, Sonic Waterloo Festival, Iklectik, London, Commutations II video
17 Jun, Phorward/Higher Intelligence Agency, LCB Depot, Leicester, Babel video
12 Apr, The Music of the Future by Robert Barry, Cafe Oto Project Space, voice, text
8 Apr, Strange Umbrellas, Iklectik, London, IFuCANTuSHOULD video
31 Mar, MGM concert w Renick Bell, RichMix, London, modular voice
8 Feb, Innovation & New Music, Westminster University, Guest Lecture

5 Dec, Yan Jun Provocation, Phoenix, Leicester, voice, machines, text
26 Nov, Schwet x Algorave, w Renick Bell, Exchange, Bristol, modular voice
19 Nov, Sines & Squares 2016, w (Klang, Parkinson, Leafcutter, Horak), Manchester, modular voice
12 Nov, Crux Jam w Rebel Tech/Leafcutter John, ExFed Warehouse, London, modular voice
14 Jul, Tom Richards Album Launch, New River Studios, London, Voice and Electronics
16 Jun, Women in/on Sound, Goldsmiths University, London, co-organiser
23 Apr, Nebularosa label launch, Apiary Studios, London, Untitled Birth
22 Apr, Women in/on Sound, Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts, co-organiser
18 Mar, Strange Umbrellas, Foyles, London, threehundredandsixtysix video

13 Nov, Women in/on Sound, Official Selection, Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts, Rain Dance (Apophenia)
22 Oct, PowerLunches, Voice and Electronics
23 Oct, Mutek Mexico, Mogees Installation, Producer
06 Oct, FreshMinds Festival, Official Selection, Texas A&M University, Commutations I
10 Sep, CONTROL Installation, Cafe Oto, with Tom Mudd
28 Jun, WebSci Conference Exhibition, Oxford, Curator & Producer
23 May, Strange Umbrellas, I’Klectik, Rain Dance (Apophenia)
14 May, Aspen Online Art Award (with CAS), Shortlisted
13 May, 16th Media Art Bienalle WRO, Poland, with Patrick Tresset, 1st Assistant
30 Apr, BOZAR Night, with Patrick Tresset (5RNP), Producer
23 Apr, Sonorities, SARK, Belfast, Commutations I
18 Mar, EAVI, Amersham Arms, with Dirty Electronics
14 Mar, Strange Umbrellas, Hundred Years Gallery, Voice and Electronics
08 Feb, Sounding the Great Hall, Goldsmiths, with Tom Richards

26 Nov, Science Museum Lates, London, with Rebecca Fiebrink, Adam Parkinson & Atau Tanaka
15 Nov, Nonclassical Birthday, BLOC, with Tom Richards, & Dirty Electronics, voice
11 Nov, NTS Radio, Fractal Meat, Solo feature & interview
06 Nov, Creative Machine Exhibition, Goldsmiths, Producer
25 Oct, Strange Umbrellas, Deptford Cinema, Voice and Electronics
19 Sep, Powerlunches, Voice and Electronics
04 Sep, Ars Electronica, with Patrick Tresset (5RNP), Producer
20 Aug, Sound Art, Camden Arts Society, with Tom Richards
10 Jul, Contact Point, Museum of Israel, with Patrick Tresset, 1st Assistant
01 Jun, New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Conference Producer
07 Feb, Pie Art Collective, The Russett, Commutations I

13 Oct, INLOVE, Pompidou Centre, Paris, with Patrick Tresset, Producer
13 Sep, NowHere, MFA Degree Show, Goldsmiths, Commutations II
03 Jun, EAVI, Amersham Arms, Voice and Electronics
07 Feb, The Prophetic Sound, with Ewa Justka, Voice and Electronics

12 Nov, TED-X Brussels, BOZAR, with Bruno Zamborlin
10 Oct, DoubleEdge Scissor, Urban Bar, with Ewa Justka, Voice and Electronics
03 Oct, 6 Robots Names Paul, NEO Bankside/Tate Modern, with Patrick Tresset, Producer
24 Sep, Sho-Zyg, Goldsmiths, Voice and Electronics
14 Sep, NowHere, MFA Degree Show, Goldsmiths, Commutations I
09 Jun, BOX: Breathing Room, with Ewa Justka, Voice and Electronics

16 Feb, Solder A Score, ICA London, with Dirty Electronics
16 May, Supersonic, Birmingham, with Dirty Electronics
01 May, ShortCircuit, MUTE records, Roundhouse, with Dirty Electronics
12 Apr, Pin Pan Pun, Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporània, Valencia, with Dirty Electronics