Whether using traditional point and shoot techniques, filming with iPhones, or using home-made computational slit-scanning processes to derive long landscapes from videos, Horak uses photography as a way to notice, and hopes that her images will encourage new and interesting ways of seeing mundane realities. 

Manscapes || a photographic series exploring the presence of humans in the seemingly barren landscapes of Iceland, traces of dereliction, traces of human.

I Stay Still || A record of movement passing through a vertical pixel line in reality over time. Slit-scanned images taken from videos, I stay still.

Abstract Landscapes || Abstract landscapes of scenes filmed from train windows captured using a split-screen lens, taken from the Commutations II video series. The body in movement.

Landscapes || Landscapes captured in HD documenting the cityscape of London as seen from the windows of various Overground Trains. The body in movement.