I create videos that are to be played as they have been captured. I may curate several videos onto one screen such as in the Commutations series, but the source videos are never cut or edited. For this reason I use photographic apps and custom software to capture the videos at source in the way I want to see them and then use standard softwares to layer and compose. Some soundtracks have been created using generative or computational systems and computer vision techniques.

Commutations is an ongoing series of video and print works that explores the body in transit, the city scape, the transport system and our behaviours when commuting, more particularly, our ability to notice beauty in the mundane.

|| Commutations I (2012) || Bus and train journeys in spring. Filmed using 8mm app and presented as sculptural work over 3 screens

|| Commutations II (2013) || Ongoing collection of train journeys filmed using a split screen lens and presented over 3 screens

|| Other || Miscellaneous videos and performances

|| Inter || Abstract || An ongoing series of abstract interviews with artists

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